Cooking from Assam

by Indira Kakati.

During summer every Assamese kitchen is busy cooking Tenga AnjaTenga anja is a very fresh and soothing summer dish.

Tenga means sour and anja is a very light liquid curry. Tenga anja is cooked with or without fish. It is normally seasoned with mustard or fenugreek seeds. Some even season it with panch phoron.

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Masor Bilahi Tenga Anja (tomato fish curry)

Cooking from Assam

This is a popular fish curry.

20170308_134258Photo Credit: Indira Kakati
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Masor Jika Tenga Anja (gourd fish curry

Cooking from Assam

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Masor Gaj-Tenga Anja (fish with fermented bamboo shoot)

Cooking from Assam

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Come Walk with Me- Sacred Grove, Mawphlang

by Lita Hazarika.

Photo Credit: Sankar Hazarika

It was a cold breezy November morning when we decided to go to Mawphlang and visit the Sacred Grove. Mawphlang is the one of the sites of the Sacred Groves of Meghalaya, which are fragments of forests that are protected by the local communities for religious purposes. These places are very rich in plants, birds and mammals as well as spiritual centers for the people of Meghalaya.

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Mysteries of Meghalaya- Cherrapunji (part 2)

Cherrapunji is locally known as Sohra, which was mispronounced by the British as “Churra”. This brought about the current name Cherrapunji or the ‘land of oranges’. The drive to Cherrapunji is quite scenic. It is easy to forget that one is in India while driving amid the rolling hills and picturesque grasslands that the journey has to offer. It is no wonder that Shillong and the Khasi hills were referred to as the ‘Scotland of the east’ by the British. The panoramic views along the way are indeed a spectacle to behold.


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Explore the Splendour of Northeast India with Native North East


Hidden between the mighty eastern Himalaya and the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal, Northeast India is an unexplored treasure of magical beauty and bewildering diversity.

Sharing borders with Tibet, Bhutan and China on the north, Myanmar on the east and Bangladesh on the south this remote land of the rising sun is full of charismatic charm with enchanting valleys, mesmerizing landscapes, enigmatic wildlife, fascinating culture and humble people.

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