Matimahar Khar (Black Lentil Khar)

Cooking from Assam



100 gm. split black lentils (urad dal)
2 clove of garlic crushed
2 tsp. grated ginger
2 green chillies
1 tbsp. of mustard oil or refined oil
1 tsp. pas phuron*
1 tbsp. of kola khar or a pinch of sodium bicarbonate
Salt to taste
½ cup water
Coriander for garnishing (optional)



  1. Wash and soak black urad dal for 10 minutes. Strain and keep aside.
  2. In a heavy pan or a pressure cooker, heat the mustard oil. Separate 1 teaspoon of mustard oil to garnish the khar
  3. When the oil smokes add the pas phuron and remove the pan from the heat. Stir the pas phuron till brown.
  4. Add garlic and chillies and sauté for a while. If you like spicy food you may keep the chillies. Otherwise remove the chillies and keep them for garnishing.
  5. Add the dal and mix well.
  6. Return the pan or pressure cooker to the fire.
  7. Fry the dal for a minute and add water and salt to taste.
  8. Add the kola khar and cover the pan.
  9. When the dal is cooked remove from fire.
  10. Add 1 tsp of mustard oil and squeeze the ginger juice over it.
  11. Mix well and pour into the serving dish.
  12. Serve hot with steamed rice.

*Pas Phuron is a mix of 5 spices: fenugreek, mustard, saunf (fennel), jeera (cumin) and kala jeera (black cumin).

Khar can also be prepared with mature, tough vegetables and even peel of cucumber and gourd because khar itself is a tenderizing agent!


5 thoughts on “Matimahar Khar (Black Lentil Khar)

  1. Loved the simple way you have presented this. The ingredients are displayed so beautifully making it so easy to understand. Even though I have been eating ‘khar’ all my life, it is for the first time that I now know how to make it. I never knew it was so simple! Thank you!


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