Cooking from Meghalaya

by Indira Kakati

The other day when we were returning from Shillong, we met a family in old Nongpoh. They had come all the way from Guwahati to have Jadoh. What is so special about Jadoh?


Jadoh is a delicacy rice meal of Meghalaya. It is very much like the Black pudding eaten in Great Britain, Ireland and some parts of Europe. Black pudding is prepared with pork or beef blood and so is Jadoh.

Ja means rice and doh means meat in Khasi.

During our visit to Saimika Resort, we asked the chef about the preparation of Jodoh. One of the ingredients he mentioned was pork blood.

“But from where will we get the pork blood?”

He smiled and confidently said, “ Tell your butcher prior to your cooking. He will keep it for you”.

“But it is not possible to get pork blood everywhere. Can we substitute with pork liver?”

He laughed and said, “Yes. But it won’t be the same”.

Anyway, I tried Jadoh with liver and it came out wonderfully. If you want you can try out too!

Jadoh. Click here for the recipe.

For other recipes from Meghalaya click here.


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