Explore the Splendour of Northeast India with Native North East


Hidden between the mighty eastern Himalaya and the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal, Northeast India is an unexplored treasure of magical beauty and bewildering diversity.

Sharing borders with Tibet, Bhutan and China on the north, Myanmar on the east and Bangladesh on the south this remote land of the rising sun is full of charismatic charm with enchanting valleys, mesmerizing landscapes, enigmatic wildlife, fascinating culture and humble people.

The formidable mountain range of the eastern Himalaya on the north, the Patkai range on the east and the Khasi and Jaintia hills to the south complete the spectacular frontiers of the North East. These rugged mountains and the powerful rivers of the Brahmaputra and the Barak river basin in the center form one of the most enriched bio diversities of the world with charming tribes and numerous endemic and rare species of flora and fauna.

Flora And Fauna

The sub-tropical climates and heavy monsoon rains of North East India have made it one of the last remaining resources of wilderness.

The unique location of North East India in the transitional area of the Indian, Indo-Chinese and Indo-Malayan bio geographic zones is home to an extraordinary range of wildlife. It is ranked 7th in the world of biodiversity hotspots, enriched with numerous endemic and rare species of fauna and flora.

The countless Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of North-East India provide a safe haven to an outstanding array of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants. Some species remain yet to be discovered!


North East India is a land inhabited by numerous tribes and sub tribes originating from the ethnic groups of the proto Austrioloids, the Tibeto-Burmese, and the Indo-Mongoloids. Considered as one of most culturally diverse regions of the world there are communities with kin in all neighboring countries. Their existence can be traced back to prehistoric times. Ethnic and linguistic similarities exist between India on one side and South-East Asia, Burma, China and Inner Asia on the other. They have rich bonds of cultural heritage which give them a sense of exclusivity & belonging.

From the headhunters of Nagaland to Lamaistic Monpas of Arunachal, the matrilineal tribes of the Meghalaya, to the tree worshiping Bodos of Assam, with more than 200 fascinating tribes, Northeast India is an anthropologist’s delight!

About Native North East

Native North East is an effort to present this little known place in its true essence to a keen explorer.

We specialize in scrupulously researched active trips mixing authentic interactions, seamless logistics and one-of-a-kind experiences into every day of your journey.

Our involvement with each destination encourages and provides economic opportunities that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use local resources that support community livelihoods and that bring authentic flavour of the North East to the tour. We engage in local conservation initiatives and build grass-roots relationships with each travel destination.

We make sure you go back home with a wealth of your own travel stories!

Creating your tour

The North East of India offers many enticing elements to travellers….tribal culture and indigenous festivals, wild life and biodiversity, tea heritage, photography and landscape tourism, textiles and craft and much more.


There is no pre-set trip itinerary. We listen to what our travellers want, and then we go further as we anticipate their needs. Native North East provides the necessary infrastructure to explore ones own interest, while bringing in unexpected glimpses of the authentic essence of the region.

Planning the trip is done in close communication with the client. Each trip is crafted based on the activities and destinations that appeal to the client’s individual sense of exploration.

We pay attention to detail and provide a high level of comfort to make your visit an enjoyable experience from start to finish.


Native North East is driven by Champak Deka, a fellow traveller born and brought up in Assam. Champak has extensively explored and gathered knowledge about North East India and brings his passion for the region into each journey.

As your tour manager, Champak applies the highest level of professional attitude, an approach cultivated in him through his previous career as a commercial saturation diver and a submariner in the Indian Navy.

For all enquiries please contact nativenortheast@gmail.com champakdeka@hotmail.com +91 9954676928


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