Cooking from Assam

Some popular local fish that make good Tenga Anja are Rohu, Chital, Ary, and Boriolya fish.

Clockwise: Rohu fish, Chital fish, Ary fish and Boriolya fish.
Photo Credit: Indira Kakati.

Rohu is easily available and popularly used in all fish dishes, whereas Chital fish is expensive. The pieces of the belly portion of the fish, known as Kalathi are very soft and tasty with few long bones. The rest of the fish is sometimes difficult to tackle because of its fine and dense bones. The pieces from this part of the fish are called godaAry fish is boneless except the spine. If you are afraid of bones, you may try out Ary fish. Boriolya fish is a of small size. When fully grown, boriolya is about 6 inch long. It is cooked and served whole in tenga anja.

Many other local fish are widely available and used  to prepare tenga anja.

Tenga anja recipes

Masor sukasak Tenga Anja (Fish cooked with sorrel leaves). Click here for recipe.


Masor Thekera Tenga-Anja (Fish curry with Garcinia Mangostana). Click here for recipe.


Masor Ou-tenga Anja (Fish Curry with elephant apple). Click here for recipe.


Did you know?
The Assamese people use the seeds of the ou tenga as shampoo!



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