Masor Ou-tenga Anja

Cooking from Assam

Masor ou-tenga anja is a fish curry prepared with dillena or elephant apple. The ou-tenga is sour fruit with a very subtle flavour.

Photo Credit: Indira Kakati

20170526_153353Photo Credit: Indira Kakati


250 gm rohu or fish of your choice
1 ou-tenga or elephant apple
1 tbsp mustard or refine oil
½ tsp methi seeds
1 potato (optional)
Turmeric powder & salt to taste
Warm water
Chopped coriader leaves for seasoning

Photo Credit: Indira Kakati


  1. Mariante the fish pieces in ½ tsp salt and ½ tsp turmeric powder and leave it aside.
  2. Wash and wipe the ou-tenga and cut into halves and then quarters.
  3. Remove the seeds first than separate the layers.
  4. Use the whitish tender layers for your tenga anja and keep the top green layers and the seeds separately for later use.
  5. Use the whitish layers of the ou-tenga and cut them into smaller pieces. Pressure cook with ½ cup of water for about 1 minute or for about 3 or 4 whistles and let it cool down by itself.
  6. Crush the pieces so as to extract the sour juice.
  7. Cook, peel and mash the potato lightly.
  8. Heat the oil in a kerai or wok when it smokes lower the heat and add the methi.
  9. When the methi turns black, fry the fish pieces lightly one by one and keep them aside.
  10. Add the crushed ou-tenga with the water to the oil in the kerai.
  11. Add ½ tsp of turmeric powder and cook it for few seconds.
  12. Add the mashed potato and 1 cups of warm water.
  13. When it boils add salt to taste and ¼ tsp sugar, if desired.
  14. Add the fried fish pieces and simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  15. Wash and chop the coriander leaves finely and season the curry.
  16. Serve with boiled rice and green chillies.

IMG_20170706_164709-1Photo Credit: Indira Kakati

Did you know?
The Assamese people use the seeds of the ou-tenga as shampoo!


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