Cooking from Assam

by Indira Kakati.

During summer every Assamese kitchen is busy cooking Tenga AnjaTenga anja is a very fresh and soothing summer dish.

Tenga means sour and anja is a very light liquid curry. Tenga anja is cooked with or without fish. It is normally seasoned with mustard or fenugreek seeds. Some even season it with panch phoron.

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Masor Bilahi Tenga Anja (tomato fish curry)

Cooking from Assam

This is a popular fish curry.

20170308_134258Photo Credit: Indira Kakati
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Masor Jika Tenga Anja (gourd fish curry

Cooking from Assam

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Masor Gaj-Tenga Anja (fish with fermented bamboo shoot)

Cooking from Assam

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Sohbandang Chutney (Tree Tomato Chutney)

Cooking from Meghalaya.

We bought the tomatoes on our way to Cherrapunjee and took the recipe from the young girl who was sold them to us. In Khasi these tomatoes are called ‘sohba’. They grow on trees therefore they are known as “tree tomatoes”.

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