Cooking from Meghalaya

by Indira Kakati

The other day when we were returning from Shillong, we met a family in old Nongpoh. They had come all the way from Guwahati to have Jadoh. What is so special about Jadoh?


Jadoh is a delicacy rice meal of Meghalaya. It is very much like the Black pudding eaten in Great Britain, Ireland and some parts of Europe. Black pudding is prepared with pork or beef blood and so is Jadoh.

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Sohbandang Chutney (Tree Tomato Chutney)

Cooking from Meghalaya.

We bought the tomatoes on our way to Cherrapunjee and took the recipe from the young girl who was sold them to us. In Khasi these tomatoes are called ‘sohba’. They grow on trees therefore they are known as “tree tomatoes”.

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Omitar Khar (Raw Papaya Khar)

Cooking from Assam

The dish should ideally be cooked with kola khar. However, if you do not have kola khar you can use sodium bicarbonate.


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Posola Khar

Cooking from Assam.

This type of khar is made from the edible part of the stem of a banana tree.


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